Dr. Griffin works with adolescents (ages 13 and up) and adults with a variety of challenges, problems, or disorders. She is most passionate about working with people who experience, or have experienced, anxiety, depression, trauma, adjustment problems, relationship issues, personality issues. Short-term therapy is available for those who are looking to resolve specific symptoms or problems only. Long-term therapy is available for those who wish to explore deeper aspects of the self to gain insight and personal growth. Dr. Griffin has been trained in a variety of well-established and highly effective models of therapy, including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, prolonged exposure, cognitive processing therapy, and emotion focused therapy. Dr. Griffin typically employs an integrative model of treatment that tailors strategies and interventions to the unique needs of the client to meet his, her, or their treatment goals.


When Dr. Griffin works with couples, she starts with the premise that the couple is the client, and her allegiance is to the partnership itself—not to either partner individually; she will not take sides. Rather, Dr. Griffin will help you identify problematic patterns and dynamics that have emerged in the relationship, help you understand how those patterns and dynamics developed, and help you find ways of changing those patterns. Dr. Griffin’s approach focuses on improving mutual understanding and perspective-taking; facilitating safe, clear, and non-reactive communication; and strengthening the couple’s intellectual, emotional, and physical bonds.


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